Samstag, 27. April 2013

Why I failed to let the corporation stay alive

After I already wrote about what happened the last month' in my Eve Online career and described on what infrastructure I built the corporation, now I will write about the reasons the corporation fail cascaded. I figured 4 reasons, 3 small and a big one (the letter I will write about in a few more entries).

First mistake was to reevaluate the plan I had with the corporation. I should have never changed the direction I set at first and go much earlier into Nullsec. There were understandable reasons why I chose to wait until summer with watching for an alliance living in Nullsec. Several members were just too young to move into Nullsec that early, just able to fly a lowskill fitted cruiser. There were also huge issues with logistics, because before summer there was no pilot able to fly a capital - and capitals are mandatory in Nullsec.

At least during the time in Cha Ching PLT we also noticed issues with alliance doctrines. They had highend fittings mainly with armor tank. That was a hugh problem because the most pilots in the corporation skilled for shield tanks and were in general not able to fit such highend fittings. Though the most pilots in the corporation were PvP interested, this issue was very demotivating, because they weren't able to participate in alliance operations.

Zombie Ninja Space Bears threatened to fail cascade and had a terrible incompetend high command which caused our early alliance switch and then the problems with fleets and other issues which caused hugh pressure to our corporation by Cha Ching PLT high command, made our corporation moving assets around 3 times in 1,5 month, which is a lot for such a small corporation without any capitals.

The second mistake was to give pilotes roles they weren't able to fulfill because the lack of game experience and/or matureness or just because they had not the time to do what they had to with such a role. I made mistakes in guessing character attributes wrong and oversaw that a few pilots weren't able to fulfill the exemplary function that's needed as a director. But I needed help and due to mostly very young pilots a had no options.

The third mistake was to not define any new direction and not to determine new goals. After we moved into Nullsec, our primary goal was fulfilled. So we had nothing our members could orientate to which motivates to go along. They developed their own playstyle - which is not bad, but there were a few that went in a direction I never wanted to fully support (perfect example here is mining). At the end PvP wasn't even a subject at all, though we were a PvP orientated corporation!

Last but not least there was a technically minor issue, but combined with the first 3 mistakes it was a huge problem for everyone and the corporation: At 2013/03/01 I lost my DSL internet. Though I was able to route with my smartphone, I only had 32 kbit/s download speed and was no longer able to visit my members on teamspeak or play anything with them. I was just able to log into the game commanding everything and everyone by chat channels und private chats.

The lack of teamspeak made it difficult to communicate not only with the corporation members, but also with everyone in the alliances. So my directorate had to do all the communication. Without the needed game experience we weren't able to do the right things, to do the right decisions at the alliance level.
Finally the lack of communication supported even more the progression of different playstyles. I had no chance to intervene any developement and had to passivally watch all this happening.

At the end I had a broken corporation sitting in Highsec, demotivated, no longer enthusiastic and mostly disunited, which caused me to delete the corporation and let everyone find their own way to play the game. At least they learned a lot. I showed them how to fit ships, how to get into the game, and the most different playstyles from different perspectives. It was time to let them do their own experiences.

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