Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

2013/05/09 - Lowsec roam #2

Today I roamed again with my Rifter into Black Rise. First I was alone for a few jumps, but never had the chance to encounter something. A friend of mine wanted to fly with me but was 8 jumps away, so I decided to search for a Novice Site and wait in it. I hoped to get a fight with someone who tries it. But guess what, no one ever appeared.

So, in Asakai we both started our poor Small Gang Roam, he helped me with a Retribution. Though Retributions aren't able to enter Novice Sites, we tried to separate in such systems and find fights for ourselfs. This just happened as we entered Kedama the second time. There was an Incursus on Scan when we landed at the Gate into a Novice Site. My friend scanned the System again and there was another ship he hoped it would be in the Small Site a few AU away. I got into the Site and there he was: An Incursus willing to fight! It happened that it was a Dual Armor Repairer Incursus with propably a Nanofiber, too, because he was a lot faster than me with Afterburner active. He pulled range, always tried to hold range at 7.500 m. His damage wasn't really hurting, but I wasn't doing damage either, though I had Barrage S loaded. Since he was able to dictate the range and was always too far away for my Nosferatu I lost Cap over time and at some point I was no longer able to run the Small Armor Repairer any more and he killed me. Maybe one of the best fights I ever had and I guess he had a really good fitting!

Just a few seconds later my friend died, too, because there was a Hotdrop and he made the mistake to not warp away from the Acceleration Gate but jumping into the Site without alignment. That gave the enemies enough time to get to the Site and target him into death. There were 7 guys onto his killmail, but there were a few more not able to target him fast enough.

We saved our PODs home into Highsec and reshipped, he into a Retribution again, but I changed into a Thrasher. It was a new fitting for me, too: Just high alpha, no tank, but fast lock. I already saw a lot of killmails done with such a fitting and most of the pilots told me it was always pretty funny to fly.

We entered Lowsec again and searched the systems again, but there was nowhere anyone we even could engage. Finally my friend had to go offline, so I tried to roam solo a bit. The next engagement I got was in Vaaralen. There was only one player and one Medium Site in system, but out of scanner range. I just warped to the Site and saw there was a Condor sitting in. If the Condor was Sensor Dampener fitted, I would loose my Thrasher without any chance, but I wanted to try so I entered the Site. But the Condor was already aligned and warped as soon as he could see me. Then another pilot entered the System and because there was only one Site, I stayed where I was. Soon there was a Catalyst on scan and a few seconds later appeared in the Overview. A aligned to sun, pulled a few km range and targetted him. He wasn't even able to lock me when he finally lost his ship.

Back into Mushikegi there was also only one Large Site and one pilot. I remembered he was sitting in a Kestrel so I took my chance and warped as fast as I could. But as soon as I got into it he warped away. The next nice engagement, but without a killmail, was in Reitsato. I saw a Crow and Venture on scan, warped to the Novice Site and Venture was sitting in. Just as I landed at the acceleration gate, a Crow warped away, in the same direction the Small Site was. I activated warp at 20 km and there he was, waiting for me! I targetted him, aligned away from him and and suddenly I got warp disruptor and damage on me! But it took not more than 5 seconds and the Crow pulled range with MWD and finally warped away, in deep structure.

The same way in Kedama. At a Small Site sitting onto the acceleration gate was a Magnate, waiting for whatever. I targetted, put him into structure with only one shot but he got away, whining in local. As I was still sitting at the gate, I saw an Inquisitor inside the Site and I entered it. He was already aligned and I was just able to do a little bit damage with one volley before he got into warp. On scan appeared a Vexor, which wasn't able to get into the Site, so I guess the Magnate was some alt or so, baiting for the Vexor. I don't know...

Still waiting in the Site looking for something to fight, a Hawk appeared on scan. So I aligned to sun, activated afterburner and waited. Soon he was visible and I tried to shoot him down on range, but he had a MWD fitted and was able to get some transversal and burned for me, so I warped save.

In Nisuwa where a lot of Sites and around 15 pilots but all to far away for the scanner. I warped to sun at 50 km and tried to scan with 15° all the sites there when suddenly a Talwar appeared, landing just 50 km away from me. I aligned to sun (whoops!) and wanted to see what he would try to do. But suddenly he hit me hard and shield where gone. I searched a gate, hit warp and another volley hit me into structure. Just when I was finally aligned to get into warp, the third volley hit me and I was in POD. Pretty nasty stuff! The alignment to sun was a huge mistake because there was no warp being able to. But I was wondering what took me so long to get into warp... I guess there were 2 mistakes, too: 1. maybe I got my afterburner active and 2. the gate I finally wanted to warp to was in a completely other direction then I was aligned to.

It wasn't the best day for me, already had much better days in lowsec. But hey, ce la vie!

Montag, 6. Mai 2013

2013/05/03 - Lowsec roam #1

Today I started a roam solo in a Rifter, the first time since 3 month. It was a new fit I wanted to try and test, so I went into Black Rise.

I entered the Lowsec in Ikoskio, but there was no gatecamp waiting ingate and no site, so I went into Asakai and found my first Novice Site. On scan was an Incursus and I jumped into the site. He was still there, sitting at zero, not moving. I targetted him and killed his ship, without any shot by him. Though he targetted me I guess he was afk autotargeting activated. 

I looted what was left and went on.

My second fight happened in Villasen an hour later. I met a Maulus in a Small Site, tackled and killed him without any move by him. He was active at the computer and saved his POD, so I don't know why he never tried to save his ship. It's not like his fittings wasn't able to save him...

The third one was propably the best fight I had since several month. It happened after I flew into the north of Black Rise and finally into Cloud Ring, but found nothing, so I decided to go home. But then, in Raihbaka, I saw a Medium Site and only one player in system. Curious I am I warped at 10 at the site and watched the scanner. There was a Federation Navy Comet inside and I thought it was already a nice PvP session to blow up my Rifter, so I went in. He was still there, already waiting for me and targetted fast. First he only tried to kill me with his blasters, activated webifier and scram and waited. But I was clever enough not to approach at zero and changed my munition to Barrage S to be able to hold range. He entered armor pretty fast and that was the moment he launched his 5 drones. I finally entered armor, too, and now it should get a very very close one, both active tanking in armor and shooting at each other. When he fell into hull, I noticed my afterburner and scram burned through and I thought he would warp away, but he never tried to. At the end I killed him with 57% hull left and looted around 8 mio ISK.

I went into Highsec, back to Onnamon onto a station and repaired the Rifter. Still time left, I tried a second round and entered Ikoskio again, still without any gatecamp. In Teskanen I encountered my forth fight with an Incursus. There were 5 pilots in system and only one site, a Medium Site. Because of the experience I made in Raihbaka I warped to the Medium Site and watched my scanner. There was an Incursus sitting in, so I warped into and tackled him. He died without any defenses. It seemed like he was afk.

I don't know what happened with Karvex. He was in a Caracal leaving the system when I jumped into it. As the killmail indicates, they both were fighting before, but it seems the Caracal couldn't tackle him well enough. It's strange the Incursus pilot went afk just after that.

The fivth and last fight happened in Vaaralen with a Rifter. I guess he was curious which way the fight would end, but it was just a fast one. I barely scratched armor when he finally entered hull, so I just activated the Small Armor Reparier once and finally killed him.

After that fight I warped to Reitsato, only realizing there was no more time left and I went back to Samanuni to log off.