Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

Back to the blogger world

I'm back! 

Long ago, back in October, was the last post from mine and since then a lot happened in Eve Online as well as IRL. I'll write a lot about that the next few days step by step and start with the past few month ingame. But first what will be changed in this blog:
  1. I won't write any longer in my native language, german. Hopefully that will give me more reader :D This also means there will be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, so don't be rude ;) I'm still learning!
  2. Less statistics, more opinion text and - hopefully - more battlereports about what I've done soloing and smallscale roaming around mainly in Lowsec. Goes everything as planned there will be also documentating videos, so stay tuned!
  3. Maybe a few changes to the structure my blog is presented, but only if I get bored in the future :)
Now let's get back what happened the past few month. When I wrote my last entry there were a lot of changes in the alliance I was in: Ev0ke. Basically we tried to get rid of the big problem techmoons. It destroyed nearly everything Ev0ke stood for the previous years and made everyone lazy and only looking for largescale escalations. Simple roamings in small- and midscale never made it out or were very ineffective. So we sold the techmoons for 250 billion ISK to CFC and got to Syndicate to reevaluate what Ev0ke will look like in the future.

Fast forward to december Ev0ke lost a few corporations and a lot of individual players that weren't satisfied with the living in harsh NPC-Nullsec that is Syndicate. Motivation was absolutely low, roamings never started because no one was interested in it or considered to do it. We just did some Highsec missionrunning or hanging up in station doing nothing. I wasn't satisfied either, but for other reasons than the most that left in that time: Trying to get a dedicated FC especially for smallscale I never got pilots willing to fly with me. On the other hand to try to do some solo roaming was a no-go in Syndicate because most entities there were simply random faggots never engaging a fair 1 vs 1 - guess sniping Tornados or Tempests on saves some 100 km away.
I also predicted more shifting in the alliance, mostly in a direction I don't wanted to see for Ev0ke. So I left my corporation TWIUS that didn't wanted to leave the alliance and got back to Highsec in the mids of december.

I opened my own corporation, simply because I thought it looks better. Just a few days later I got the idea of doing newbies a favour and teach them to get into the game, knowing how to fit and what's all possible in Eve. In the past I saw so many new pilots quitting the game because they got bored with missionrunning and never considered to try anything other or because they never got over the learning cliff and got frustrated with the simpliest thinks in Eve Online. 

Thanks to the Winter Expansion Retribution and a lot of advertisement by CCP I got abruptly 20 Members and built the infrastructure for the corporation. First I tried to do a website with my limited abilities but then got help by a Member who made a nearly professional website for the corporation that had to fulfill a few goals I wanted online - one of them was the fleet manager to get fleets better organized.
My plan for the corporation was to get them all in one system and doing random actions together in fleet such as missionrunning, mining or PvP in Lowsec. We were pretty good with our lowskill frigates and made a lot of killes during that time. I wanted to teach them in PvP as much as possible and to get them into the best ships possible to being flexible to every PvP and PvE action in Eve Online. Because I really like to do Incursions I made the first corporation goal to get a working Incursion fleet with my members. I also like to be in nullsec, so I made it the second, greater goal for the corporation and planned this step not earlier than late august/early september (around the time I would be able to fly a well skilled carrier).

The successful PvP fleets made my members eager to get into Nullsec as fast as possible and made hints to leave the corporation if I would go on with what I had planned. The enthusiasm and pressure by my members made me reconsider the plans and I searched for nullsec alliances willing to let my very very young corporation join them. At the end we all voted for Zombie Ninja Space Bears, some fresh nullsec guys that joined the Honey Badger Coalition a few weaks ealier, and joined them at the near end of January 2013.

As always you loose some guys when you try something new, especially when it's such a big move like going to Nullsec. But we were very motivated and got our shit into Esoteria. Sadly the Zombies were very instabile and about to fail cascade every second. The High Command got hugh pressure by TEST Alliance for the missing participation in Stratops and made several bad moves by collecting money to pay sov and reimbursement. Because they never got their shit done, all german corporations left at once to join Cha Ching PLT (just 4 weeks after our joining). Zombies fail cascaded just a few weeks later...

Cha Ching PLT was an interesting alliance because their structure and ability in fielding different doctrines was similar to what I had experienced in Ev0ke, but were mostly industrial specialized players only defensively acting in PvP. So we left Esoteria and got to Impass and made a lot of money by ratting in very good space. It was luckily around the time when most of the very new pilots got into battleships and with it the ability to do their own moves.
Sadly it was shortly after we joined Cha Ching PLT when I lost my DSL internet and was only able to get online by connecting my smartphone with my notebook routing the slow internet that was possible this way. That made it nearly impossible to join the teamspeak comms and move around in Nullsec (it was like moving in slowmotion - a gate jump took me up to 5 min).

We and especially I lost track of most of what happened in the alliance and what my members did, wasn't able to communicate in an acceptable way with everyone. Since I did all the fc'ing in our fleets and my members were eager to do some PvP, they tried to fly with the alliance fleets only to get more and more frustrated by the high doctrine borders and bad FCs that never knew how to use pilots with lower skills properly or were to bad in general.
Motivation and communication problems and missing new corporation goals made it that we left Cha Ching PLT just 3 weeks after joining and went back to Highsec. 

A few member never got back online since we moved back and the problem with my internet made the remainings more frustrated. They searched for new directions, parallel to what the corporations was looking for and drifted into some I never wanted to support. I reconsidered what I wanted to do with the corporation and made the decision to step down and let someone else do the job. Sadly the most competent players rejected my invitation which caused the fail cascade of the corporation just 4 month after creating it.

What I learned by this? Basically 3 things: It was the second try to get my own corporation running and failed the second time. So I won't try it again in the future. Also it's always wrong to change the planned way you thought is the best. Finally, nullsec is nearly impossible to get your feets in as a corporation without any capital.

Tomorrow I'll introduce you into the structure I established with the corporation and seems really successful as long as you're able to keep tracking and don't do any mistakes. So stay tuned! :)

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